About HUB 9

Your valued global business Partner in mobile data service, platform management and content delivery. Your 1st World, coherent, expandable, scalable, feature rich solutions/services provider with inherent abilities to assist your businesses to respond to market demands.


Your preferred Choice or Partner in providing customer delight with our enhance values in service offerings of quality mobile data solutions and platform delivery worldwide.

HUB 9, is one of the leading Mobile Solution Company with base in Singapore, specializing in providing SMS services and Value Added Services for mobile.

The company team has in depth experiences in designing and rolling out both one-way and two-way SMS services.

Hub 9 and its group companies have had successful deployments in leading mobile operators and MNCs.



Create shareholder value through becoming the premier supplier of high quality messaging and data services globally including the Asia Pacific market.


  • To be established as a global mobile data platform & exchange or a traffic hub for services such as SMS, MMS, PremiumContent.
  • To keep pace with changing trends and technology developments in mobile data services, platform management and content delivery.
  • To be the Prime in the marketplace, and provide products and services that are consistently recognized as the best-in-class while ensuring sustainable financial returns to both our shareholders and partners.